Atypical presentation of molar pregnancy at third trimester: a case report from eastern Nepal

  • Binod Dangal charikot
  • Rajkumar Dangal Dolakha Hospital, Dolakha, Nepal
  • Swaraj Rajbhandari One Heart Worldwide
Keywords: Beta-HCG, Dilatation and Evacuation, Molar Pregnancy, Third Trimester


A 20 years old primi-gravida lady at 35 weeks of gestation presented to a remote mountainous district hospital with the complaint of per vaginal bleeding on and off with the passage of clots for 10 days. On further examination with an ultrasound scan, she was found to have heterogeneous cystic lesions inside the uterine cavity suggestive of molar pregnancy. She underwent dilatation and evacuation using Bier's forceps after initial resuscitation. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of partial molar pregnancy. The postoperative period was uneventful and the patient was discharged on the third day with the advice of close monitoring and to follow up with beta-HCG and Chest X-ray.

Author Biographies

Binod Dangal, charikot

MDGP Consultant

Rajkumar Dangal, Dolakha Hospital, Dolakha, Nepal

MDGP Consultant

Swaraj Rajbhandari, One Heart Worldwide

Gynaecologist, Senior Technical Advisor

Case Report