Diarrheal disease outbreak in Muskkot, Gulmi, Nepal – 2019

  • Uttam Pachya Gulmi Hospital, Tamghas, Gulmi
Keywords: Diarrhea, Epidemic, Outbreak


Introduction: Diarrhea outbreak was observed in Dajakot, Musikot Municipality, Gulmi, Nepal on April 2019. This study analyzes the data that were collected during this outbreak.

Method: This is a descriptive, cross sectional study defining the diarrheal outbreak at Gulmi in time, place and person.

Result: There were 188 patients presenting with symptom of diarrhea between April 23 to 29, 2019. There were 108 (57.4%) female and 80 (42.5%) male. Maximum (69) number of patients were on day 3 of outbreak.

Conclusion: The outbreak observed at Musikot in 2019 was due to contaminated source of water.

Author Biography

Uttam Pachya, Gulmi Hospital, Tamghas, Gulmi

Consultant Medical Generalist, Gulmi District Hospital, Gulmi, Nepal

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