Determinants of Toilet Training Awareness among Mothers in Siddharthnagar Municipality of Rupandehi District, Nepal

  • Sigma Bhattarai
  • Chet Kant Bhusal
Keywords: Awareness, Determinants, Mothers, Toilet training


Introduction: If children are not trained in toilet training, they may have psychological issues. Mother’s alertness plays a very important role in toilet training which is vital for the better growth and development of a child. Thus the objective of the study was to assess thedeterminants of awareness regardingtoilet training among mothers.

Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study design was carried out among 100 mothers of children aged 1-3 years using non-probability purposive sampling technique. The study was done in Siddharthnagar Municipality, ward number 3, RupandehiNepal from 19thSeptember to 3rd October 2021. Semi-structured questionnairewas used to collect the data. The collected data was checked, reviewed, coded, edited, entered in Microsoft excel and was analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science version 20. In descriptive analysis frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviation were calculated. Inferential statistics was used to find the determinants of awareness level.

Results: The study findings revealed 49% of mothers had high level of awareness regarding toilet training. Mothers having age group 31 to 40 years (AOR=12.27; CI: 2.87-52.49), who cannot read and write (AOR=0.09; CI: 0.02-0.52), and number of living children (AOR=36.58; CI: 6.26-213.55) were significantly associated with level of toilet training awareness.

Conclusion: Almost half of the mothers had high level of awareness regarding toilet training. Age of mother, education status of mother and number of children were determinants of toilet training awareness of mother. Thus, local government, policy makers and health personnel are recommended to conduct informal educational program especially for early age mothers and mothers having only one child for promoting andupgrading the mother’s awareness regarding toilet training.