Basic Concept of Healthy Aging

  • Hom Nath Chalise
Keywords: Ageing, Healthy ageing, Preventing ageing, Decade of healthy ageing


Population aging is a characteristic of the 21stcentury, regardless of a nation’s level of development. An aging global population results in a burden in medical and social demographic problems. Addressing this problem is the highest priority for the careof the older population worldwide. Healthy aging is an individual lived experience that is influenced by healthy behaviors over the course of a lifetime.This includes a person’s ability to: meet their basic needs; learn, grow and make decisions; be mobile; build and maintain relationships, and contribute to society. For the promotion of healthy aging, a healthy lifestyle is important. A healthy lifestyle for older adults includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, staying at a healthy weight, improving mental health, social participation, regular health checkups and health screening, no smoking, and taking steps to prevent falls