Handbook of Abdominal Sonography in Acute Abdomen (ASIAA)

  • Abishek Thapa Department of Surgery, KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital
  • Rupesh Mukhia Department of Surgery, KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital
  • Uttam Laudari Department of Surgery, Patan Academy of Health Sciences


Human beings are blessed with the five senses, however vision are considered the most reliable and important among all; and this rule isn’t the exception in the field of clinical examination. Using sonoscope as extension of the classical clinical examination to assess the underlying pathology of the abdomen adds the advantage to be able to visualize. Hence knowledge of sonoscope gives power for all clinicians in converting imagination into imaging.

We all have come across the case of acute abdomen and despite of our best clinical judgments; it always feels incomplete without the ultrasonoscopy assessment. In order to deal with this challenge, the author of this book, Dr. Deepak raj Singh, has developed a totally new, comprehensive and simplified protocol named ASIAA (Abdominal Sonography In Acute Abdomen), which can be easily learned and practiced by clinicians of all specialties. These days sonoscopes are available in compact sizes which are portable and easy to handle. This gives the ability for sonoscope examination to be carried out at patient’s bedside, making assessment with sonoscope for clinicians more assessable.

Clinical assessment with sonoscope at bedside supplements valuable medical information at tertiary health centers. Where as its uses by all clinicians at remote areas provides basic sonoscopy services and fills the gap of unavailability of radiologist. Thus this promotes the concept of ‘Point of Care’ in sonoscopy in our country, a venture first of its kind.

The main author of this book, Associate Professor Dr. Deepak Raj Singh, is FRCS graduate from Edinburgh. He is the former Head of Surgery Department at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital and is currently serving as Unit Chief. He has also been officially implementing the practice of Day Care Surgery in Nepal at his private centre. Dr. D.R Singh has been involved in clinical and academic activities for over 20 years where more than eight surgery residents have been directly trained under his mentorship. He introduced the concept of Sonoscope for all clinicians and he has been regularly using and teaching the art of sonoscope for more than a decade.

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