Multi-disciplinary Medico-legal Approach and Challenges in Interpretation of Injury from an Amputated Hand: A Case Report

  • Jenash Acharya Department of Forensic Medicine Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital.
  • Sailesh Pradhan Department of Pathology, Kathmandu Medical College
  • Sandesh Maskey Department of Burn/Plastic Surgery, Kathmandu Medical College


Among various duties of any medico-legal expert, responsibility of Injury Examination Report preparation is encountered routinely in his/her career. Among various challenges faced by the examiner, documenting the injuries becomes exigent when s/he is acquainted with artifact like therapeutic alteration of the injury produced in victim.

We report a case of a victim of electric injuries sustained over both his upper limbs. The requisition to prepare an Injury Examination Report was received from investigating officer a month after the incident. On examination of the patient, the challenge faced was that the injured limbs were amputated a day before the examination, and his body showed no other injuries. An urgent consultation with plastic surgeon revealed that the amputated body part was sent for histopathology analysis. A report was prepared from a formalin soaked amputated bilateral hands in pathology department and handed over to the investigating officer.

Keywords: amputation; electric injury; injury examination report; medico-legal.