Granuloma Multiforme: First Report from Nepal

  • Sushil Paudel Civil Service Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Srijana Koirala Marahatta Civil Service Hospital



Granuloma multiforme (GM) is a reactive skin disorder of unknown etiology, characterized clinically by confluent annular lesions and histologically by focal necrobiosis and histiocytic granulomas. GM is significant because it mimics various conditions and diagnosis is often missed if not taken into consideration. Here, we report a case of granuloma multiforme from Nepal in a 40 year old female with multiple skin colored to mildly erythematous, occasionally itchy annular plaques of duration 6 months, over the upper back and upper chest. Histopathology helped to clinch the diagnosis and differentiate from similar clinical and histologic mimics.

Keywords: Granuloma, Necrobiotic disorders, Nepal, Skin
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