Mesenteric Hydatid Cyst

  • Bikash Kumar Singh NRI Institute of Medical Sciences



The aim of this article is to make radiologists and clinicians familial with the spectrum of cystic lesions in the abdomen. Mesenteric and omental cystic lesions are uncommon. One should be familiar with them as well as with other conditions that manifest as cysts. Initial step in diagnosing a cystic abdominal mass is to localize the organ of origin. Differential diagnosis includes enteric duplication cyst, enteric cyst, mesothelial cyst, non pancreatic pseudocyst, cystic mesothelioma, cystic teratoma, and urachal cyst. There is significant overlap in imaging features of abdominal cysts, which often require histological correlation to establish a final diagnosis. The main role of imaging is to document the nature of the abdominal mass and its origin.

Keywords: Mesentery, Omentum, Radiologists

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