Screening for Depression in Adolescents in Gokarneshwor municipality-4, Kathmandu

  • N Shrestha Department of Community Medicine g, Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Attarkhel, Gokarneshwor-8, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • S Pandey Department of Nursing, Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Attarkhel, Gokarneshwor-8, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Depression which is characterized by hopelessness and loss of interest in social activities is commonduring adolescence. However it is often unrecognized and the burden is even more in low incomecountries. It also increases the risk of suicide in future. Hence in a developing country like Nepalit is important that such cases are detected at the early stage preventing further worsening of thecondition. A simple set of questionnaires like Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) 9 can be used toscreen for depression. Using this questionnaire screening for depression was carried out in adolescentsof Gokarneshwor municipality, ward 4. Four hundred and twenty participants were selected by theprocess of systematic random sampling. Based on answers to nine questions score was given andadolescents categorized as having no, mild, moderate or severe depression. The PHQ 9 score suggestedthat 13.1% were suffering from depression, out of which 23.6% from moderate to severe depressionwhich required psychiatric consultation. Out of those shown to have some form of depression 40.0%said they had thought of self harm in last 2 weeks. Late adolescence was significantly associated withdepression. Thoughts related to self harm were also six times more in late adolescent age group thanthe early adolescent age group.

Keywords : Adolescence, Depression,Gokarneshwor-4

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