Milestone of PMJN

  • Dr. Peeyush Dahal


Professor Keshav Das Joshi and some senior doctors started every month clinical meeting in1980 in Bir Hospital. After starting the clinical meeting all the doctor felt the need of Medical Journal that should be published from their own institution. The dream came true in 1981 whenthe first issue of journal which was named “Proceeding of Bir Hospital” was published.In 1991 the editorial board was formed and the first issue of journal was published with thesupport of some pharmaceutical company like Royal Drugs Ltd. Nepal, Hoechst. The secondissue was publish in 1992 then publication of journal interrupted and souvenir of Bir Hospitalwas continued.Postgraduate Medical Education Committee was formed in Bir Hospital to start postgraduatetraining course in Nepal by Tribhuvan University in 1994. As postgraduate course was startedin Bir Hospital the need of medical journal was felt in Bir Hospital and editorial board wasformed in 1999. It was called PMJN. (Post graduate Medical journal of Nepal) and first issue ofPMJN was published in 2000. NAMS was established in 2003 then it was named as PMJN (Postgraduate Medical Journal of National Academy of Medical Sciences). Professor Joshi, D.B. Karkiand many other senior had contributed a lot in the development of PMJN.Over the years the journal editorship has changed and the tradition continued with manyimprovements. During this period we have learn some and we have to do a lot. Learning isnever ending process. We are learning from senior and junior colleagues and moving forwardto improve our self.